Woot Woot Values

Caution: This may be an unusual value statement, but value is at the core of what we do. We don’t just make websites, we provide value. We don’t just claim to have values, we put them to action. 


We value the following:

  • Community
  • Co-Creation/generative growth with our community
  • Iterative processes and services


What does this mean? Let’s explore these core values.


Community means that we highly value the people and organizations who have helped us get to where we are today. Woot Woot Digital has its own community that consists of peers, contractors, clients and friends/supporters. Each person within the community is essential to our livelihood. Although we are a for-profit business, we strive to function in a way that consistently gives back to our community, both in-person and digitally. That means we offer free advice, consulting and expertise to those who need it. Sometimes, all we can offer is our support and a ‘like’ on Instagram. Other times, it is so much more, from how we function to the actions we take. For example, anything from donating to a client’s crowdfunding campaign to providing fair and equitable pricing. It also must be said that we do not expect reciprocity  or praise, it is just the right thing to do. 


Co-Creation & generative growth with our community means that we actively pursue improving ourselves based on the needs of our client base and community as a whole. If we find we are lacking in one service or function, we will strive to create a new framework to address that lack. We interview, poll and casually ask, what can we do better? How would you want it to be done? This also extends to questions like, how can we be more inclusive? In this, the client and community are active participants in the iteration process.


Iteration is the method of continually improving our processes and services to match the clients needs. This internal methodology involves heavy research and experimentation to develop a framework that works for us. We research by listening to thought leaders, reviewing historical data, scaling both vertically and horizontally, exploring our limits and gaps, attending workshops/conferences and collaborating. 


You may be wondering… 

Usually a business holds values such as “Honesty” or “Integrity”. Why would your values be Community, Co-Creation and Iteration?

To us, these values encompass the best of every value you could imagine, because they put an actionable process in place. We don’t just value “Honesty”, we show our community we are honest by including them at the table. We show our clients that their voice is important and that we are never static – we can always adapt to provide better service. 

At the end of the day, we are a business and a separate entity, but without our community, we would truly suck. 


Thank you for reading.