Price List

Updated: January 7th, 2021

Less overhead cost

Small agencies like ours get away with charging less. Why? We have less overhead and work super fast. 

SmartyPants Simple Site


Get a simple site custom made for your business. Includes up to 3 Pages of your choice, a branding page, a website worksheet and to-do list, one hour of one-on-one edits, support or marketing advice and access to our tips and tricks. Best of all, your website is ready to launch in only one week!

Doesn’t include hosting or domain. 


First year:

$125/1 year $225/2 years


$140/1 year $250/2 years

10 GB Storage, 500 GB/mo Traffic. Includes WordPress installation, website builder installation, free email and free security certification. Email set-up not included.


First year: Free


.com $18/year $31/2 years
.net $18/year $31/2 years
.org $18/year $31/2 years
.info $21/year $36/2 years
.biz $21/year $38/2 years
.us $18/year $31/2 years
.ca $23/year $46/2 years

Website Edits & Upgrades

One-on-one Support

Meet with Angela one-on-one for any edits, training or advice you need within an hour. You can book up to two hours if you feel like you will need extra support!


Simple Edits

Adding/editing text, images or other media to one page.


Add a Page

Add one page, includes page design content upload/editing and addition to menu.


Import Blog

Have a blog from a different website? We will import it for you to your new website. 


Add/Edit a Design Element

Such as adding animations, having items move on scroll, changing the size/layout of items on a page.


Add Analytics (plugin)

Add an analytics plugin to begin monitoring the traffic on your website. 


Add a Feed

Add a feed to your website, such as a Facebook/Instragram feed or event feed (Eventbrite).


Add a Portfolio Page

Add a beautifully designed portfolio page with portfolio items to feature your work.


Add a Pop-Up Newsletter

Collect your users’ email addresses to keep connected and drive sales/traffic. Must have a current newsletter service (such as MailChimp).


Add a Social Media Menu Page (similar to Link.tree)

Have a custom web page created specifically for your social media profiles, with links to specific pages to drive traffic.


Custom Design

Get some custom design for your website or for print. Design includes website banner design, social media post design, marketing materials (business card, rack card), poster design, branding (logo editing).


Google Analytics & Optimization

Have us setup your Google Analytics with custom tracking of events and custom reports (we are certified in Google Analytics). 


Add a Blog and Optimized Posts

Have a blog homepage and 3 posts, optimized for your site. Includes setup and one onboarding session. Includes adding a blog homepage and design, plus posting three posts optimized for readability and Search Engines. We also show you how to post yourself and optimize your posts.


Add a Facebook Messenger Pop-Up

Give quick assistance to people who visit your site with a messenger pop-up (connected to Facebook messenger). Includes setup and installation of Facebook messenger pop-up, requires access to your Facebook account as a user. Must have a business account currently setup.


SEO Update (one-time)

Get found by search engines such as Google with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a series of methods and tactics to improve the way search engines, such as Google, find your website. By utilizing best practices and methods provided by Google Search Central, we improve your website a number of different ways. As the best SEO is not one-and-done, monthly optimization is recommended, but we will optimize your website with this one-time purchase. This includes image compression for faster speed, image optimization, header optimization, an SEO plugin and Analytics plugin.


Add a Facebook Pixel

 Do you advertise on Facebook/Instagram? Retarget users who visit your website and gain further insights into actions taken on your Facebook & website by installing a Facebook Pixel. Requires access to your Facebook account.


Custom Menu Design

Get a custom menu with a call to action, a mega menu (for large websites) for easier navigation and more.


Host Ad Space

Have your website work for you by hosting ad space on your website. Includes installation and design.


Sell Products/Services

Get paid on your website by selling products/services online. Includes adding one products/services page and adjourning pages (such as checkout), adding an ecommerce plugin, plugin setup, plus one-on-one onboarding and training to use that plugin. We own lifetime access to many ecommerce plugins and do not charge for plugin access, only pay for installation and onboarding.


Add a Booking Calendar


Take bookings online, schedule events and have people purchase directly from your website. Includes adding one booking page, booking plugin, plugin setup, plus one-on-one onboarding and training to use plugin. We own lifetime access to a booking plugin and do not charge for plugin access, only pay for installation and onboarding. This booking plugin includes integration to third-party calendars and can be used to book for multiple users.


Sell Memberships/Add a Members-Only Section

Have a special page or pages that only members can see and have access to. Useful for selling memberships and online courses. Includes one onboarding session. Includes adding a members only page, membership plugin and setup, menu setup, plus one-on-one onboarding and training to use plugin. We own lifetime access to a memberships plugin and do not charge for plugin access, only pay for installation and onboarding. This membership plugin includes features like content restriction and integration to third-party apps.


Optimize your Website with Split Testing

Get higher conversions and increase efficiency by using split testing. Split Testing is a useful method to improve the layout and user experience of a web page. You may want to use this service if you would like to increase the likelihood of someone performing an action on your page/website such as purchasing or submitting a form. This includes split testing one to two pages, such as a landing or homepage.


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