The Pros and Cons of a DIY Web Builder & a Web Designer

Angela S.

Owner &  Head Designer

Posted Feb.16 2021

The Pros & Cons of a DIY Web Builder & a Website Designer


DIY Web Builder

This includes popular choices like SquareSpace, Wix or GoDaddy

Pros of using a DIY Web Builder

  • A low build cost. You build it yourself, so the value of your time is the cost of build.
  • In-house edits means you have lots of control over how your site is managed. 

Cons of using a DIY Web Builder

  • You will be alone in your build (unless you’re lucky to have a web designer friend!) This means your design and content can suffer.
  • It takes an average person at least 3 times longer to build a site themselves, leading to lost time. 
  • A false sense of autonomy. A DIY web builder owns your site and you can’t up and move your site to a different CMS like WordPress. 
  • Your yearly fees can keep increasing – because you are limited to what they offer you. 

With a DIY Web Builder, you are given a list of ‘features’, but to us, those are restrictions. These include being restricted to the amount you can upload (like video or image size) or you can only use certain functions before you have to pony up more yearly fees. Typically, a website only needs hosting & domain fees (approx. $150/year) and any other fees are for the specific function you want to add and nothing you don’t.

With a CMS like WordPress you get access to thousands of free plugins, so you can add functions without added cost! We have a list of why WordPress is the best – check it out here.

Website Designer

Every designer is different, so finding the right one can be difficult.

Pros of using a Website Designer

  • A professionally made website will add more value to your business. They should be able to give you a predetermined cost of build and an accurate launch date
  • They will give you more support, but make sure to ask them what they can offer you, like if they can help with marketing and design. How will they support you? By email or contact form? How long will you have to wait until they get back to you? All good questions to ask!

Cons of using a Website Designer

  • Some designers charge way more than they should. Nowadays, there is no reason why you should be paying more than $1,000 for a simple website. There are a ton of programs and methods that make a website build fast and easy, and some designers are still living in the past.
  • Since every designer is different, you have to ask them if they have the skills you need. Some designers only do certain things. Will they be able to help you grow your website in 2 years?
  • More often than not, a website built by a designer is way too hard to edit yourself. They make it complicated so you have to rely on them. Do they provide DIY videos and give tips? Do they want to empower you to own and manage your site yourself?

You don’t want to feel trapped with your website, and sadly this happens often! You want to make sure you are choosing the right designer right off the hop, so you are confident your site will be active and valuable 5+ years down the road.

As we design websites, we’ve worked hard to mitigate all the cons of a typical Website Designer. We provide low buid costs, we develop a variety of skills and upgrades to add value to your site easily (with transparent pricing) and we have a whole DIY centre of videos and tips for you to manage & edit your site yourself.

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