Websites for Service Providers

Plus branding & marketing support

One page websites perfect for service providers, freelancers and solopreneurs

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For small business & solopreneurs

$500 One-page website build plus $125/year hosting & free domain*

*For the first year, one year term

    $500 websites include:

    • One page featuring everything you business needs for a professional website
    • Beautifully designed hero image or video to welcome your visitor
    • A Search Engine Optimized call to action, sending visitors to your booking site
    • Branding and writing support as needed
    • Sections such as an Instagram feed, testimonials, newsletter, services list & contact with map embedded
    • Built on WordPress with a whole list of perks
    • One month of free support after launch for minor website edits**
    • Tons of add ons such as adding extra pages, a blog, booking plugins and more

    How does it work?

    Let’s break it down for you step-by-step

    Schedule a meeting

    Meet with Angela (owner & head designer) who will answer your questions and get you started

    Purchase your site & share documents

    After your site, hosting & domain are purchased you will be given a shared folder to add any logo, branding, images, and written content you have

    Site build & design

    We work behind the scenes to create a modern & mobile optimized website custom branded to your business

    Site review & edits

    We will send you the website to review and you can provide any edits you’d like to make

    Meeting for review

    We will meet once more to review the backend of the website, how to make edits and when to launch

    Website Launch

    We will launch your website and we will provide a month of free simple edits to your site

    Get Your New Website Started

    Meet with Angela & we will send you a gift card for a free coffee!

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    What kind of documents do I need to start the website?
    • Your logo and any branding information such as typography and colours
    • Written information about your business, such as a tag-line
    • Written information about your services
    • Images of you and your services
    • Testimonials, reviews, accreditations and training
    • Contact and booking information
    • Instagram feed access
    • Newsletter embed access
    • Links to affiliates or associations
    What's if I want more pages or functions for my site?

    Your site can grow as big as you’d like! We can work on an hourly basis to fit your budget or within a project scope.

    What's included in the one month of free support & edits after launch?
    • One month begins the day of website launch
    • Includes simple edits to text & images
    • Includes support via email such as questions and adding to website
    What if I need help with a logo, branding or marketing?

    We do design, branding, & marketing within our super transparent pricing structure. We also work to fit within your budget!

    About Worpress Sites

    WordPress is a free open-source software used by developers that can grow as big as your business 

    One page website built for you with branding & design

    • Cost of build: $500 upfront
    • Cost of hosting : $125 upfront | $140 renewal
    • Cost of domain : Free first year | $18-$23 renewal

    Total upfront cost: $625

    Yearly renewal costs: up to $163 each year

    What you get:

    • Free email and security certificate
    • Mobile optimized so you look good on all devices
    • Easy to use builder so you can edit the site yourself (if that’s your thing!)
    • Upgrade easily without additional yearly fees

      Made for you

      Health and Wellness Service Providers

      • Chiropractors
      • Physical Therapists
      • Massage Therapists
      • Acupuncturists
      • Natural Health Practitioners


      • Medical Clinics
      • Wellness Clinics
      • Weight-loss Clinics

      Salons and Spas

      • Spas 
      • Beauty Salons
      • Hair Stylists
      • Nail Salons
      • Tanning Studios

      Gyms and Studios

      • Yoga Classes
      • Fitness Classes
      • Art Classes


      • Plumbers
      • Handyman Services
      • Automotive Services
      • House Repair


      • Festivals
      • Workshops
      • Pop-ups
      • Retreats/Gatherings

      Professional Consultants

      • Oil and Gas regulatory consultants
      • Engineering consultants
      • Law consultants
      • Therapists and Psychologists


      • Financial Coaches
      • Life Coaches
      • Business Coaches

      Let’s Work Together!

      Ready to meet to discuss your new wesbite? Book with Angela here! 

      Who’s Angela?

      “I have been working with service providers for 10+ years managing clinics, building websites & helping them grow with digital marketing. I was an office manager for 5+ years working directly with massage therapists, acupuncturists, coaches and therapists of all types.

      I want to help professionals build their business and save money! That is why I provide afforable services for all my clients.

      Let me help you grow with a new website, digital marketing, design and more!”