Welcome to the Services Site!

Need a website? You can take payments, book appointments, send Zoom links and connect to your calendar. The best part? It’s designed for you and your business!

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Individual Services

Group Classes

Online Meetings

Manage Your Whole Team

Take online bookings

One-on-one appointments for individual or multiple service providers

  • No limits on providers or services
  • Set multiple locations/rooms
  • Allow providers to manage their own schedule and days off

Group classes available by date, service or instructor

  • Can set a min. or max. attendance
  • Users can book alone or buy multiple passes
  • Users can buy punch passes or single-use passes

One-on-one coaching over Zoom or Google Meets

  • Sends link automatically to client and provider by email

 More features

  • Set notifications and reminders
  • Allow users to cancel and rebook
  • Add coupons or discounts
  • Set minimum time required before booking service
  • Buffer time before and after services
  • Add photo galleries
  • Manage database and see full reports on backend
  • Take payments with Stripe or PayPal

Who is this site for? 

    Health and Wellness Service Providers

    • Chiropractors
    • Physical Therapists
    • Massage Therapists
    • Acupuncturists
    • Natural Health Practitioners

    Professional Consultants

    • Oil and Gas regulatory consultants
    • Engineering consultants
    • Law consultants
    • Therapists and Psychologists

    Gyms and Studios

    • Yoga Classes
    • Fitness Classes
    • Art Classes


    • Financial Coaches
    • Life Coaches
    • Business Coaches

    Private Events

    • Festivals
    • Workshops
    • Pop-ups
    • Retreats/Gatherings

    Private Clinics

    • Medical Clinics
    • Wellness Clinics
    • Weight-loss Clinics

    Salons and Spas

    • Spas 
    • Beauty Salons
    • Hair Stylists
    • Nail Salons
    • Tanning Studios

    Tradesmen for Hire

    • Plumbers
    • Handyman Services
    • Automotive Services
    • House Repair

    How does it work?

    Let’s break it down for you step-by-step

    Meet with Angela online via Zoom

    Angela (owner & head marketer) meets with every business so we can develop a website that’s tailored specifically to your needs. We’ll even help you with logo design and branding!

    Let’s meet!

    Purchase your site, hosting and domain

    Our services site only costs $400 to build! Every site also needs a domain and to be hosted on a server. Our hosting comes with some awesome perks like a free email address and security certificate! 

    See full price list

    Time to build

    If you don’t have all the necessary content, like a logo, photos or writing about your business, we will put placeholder content in for you. This initial build will be ready in as little as one week!

    Calendar and payment processor setup

    At this time, we need you to setup your payment processor (Stripe and/or Paypal). We will setup your calendar and add a few services, practitioners and locations. 

    You review & provide edits

    Once ready to review, you will see things you want changed. We ask you write all the changes down and send them our way! Then, it’s time to book our final meeting.

    Final meeting and Launch

    At our final meeting we will review your site once more, show you the backend and how to add and manage your services, locations, practitioners and more. Once it’s looking good to go, we are ready to launch!

    The Cost

    Comparing costs to building your site yourself? Let us show you how you can save money!

    Our Services Site

    One page website built for you with branding & design

    • Cost of build: $400 upfront
    • Cost of hosting : $125 upfront | $140 renewal
    • Cost of domain : Free first year | $18-$23 renewal

    Total upfront cost: $525

    Yearly renewal costs: up to $163 each year

    What you get:

    • Free email and security certificate
    • Unlimited calender types, team members, services and locations
    • One-on-one support and training
    • Access to how-to videos so you can edit your site yourself
    • Design, branding and marketing support

      Our Top Competitor

      Based on a Squarespace Scheduler website “Growing” plan of $27.89/month CAD

      • Cost of build: Estimated 5 – 10 hrs of your time
      • Cost of hosting : $334.72 every year
      • Cost of domain : Free first year | $20 – $70 renewal

      Total upfront cost: $334.72

      Yearly renewal costs: up to $404.72 each year

      What you get:

      • No free email
      • Limited to 6 calendar types
      • No one-on-one support and training
      • No design, branding or marketing support

      Save the most year over year with our Services Website built for you!

      Prices are approximate and in CAD

        Let’s Work Together!

        Ready to meet to discuss your new wesbite? Book with Angela here! 

        Who’s Angela?

        “Hey, my name’s Angela the owner and head marketer of Woot Woot Digital. I have been working within the health & wellness industry for 10+years managing clinics, building websites and helping them grow with digital marketing. I was an office manager for 5+ years working directly with massage therapists, acupuncturists, coaches and therapists of all types.

        I want to help wellness professionals build their business and save money! That is why I provide afforable services for all my clients.

        Let me help you grow with a new website, digital marketing, design and more!”