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Hey! I'm Angela.

I’m the head designer behind every SmartyShop.

I’ve been developing smart websites for businesses for years & my goal is provide a smart website for every business.

Let me show you what I mean!

Websites built in 2021 are different

Even 5 years ago, websites were built much differently than today. With advancements in tech, understanding of design and user experience mixed with faster build time means a website build should be fast and with little cost.

Nowadays, businesses need to focus more time and revenue on developing a robust marketing strategy over a robust website.

The best website for 2021 is one that is simplified and hyper focused on what you need.

What website is the best for you?

Websites can be intimidating at first – so small businesses often take a shortcut and build with a DIY web builder like Squarespace, Wix and GoDaddy.  Afterall, website builders take the time and cost out of a website build. However – they are not all made the same.

These DIY website builders put restrictions on the functions you can add to your site. Sure, they market them as ‘features’, but getting stuck with limits is a big website killer. 

Not to mention, if you’re building your own website, you’re not investing in yourself. Getting access to a professional builder and designer will substantially speed up your launch time and give you a site made with a better user experience. Those big DIY builders leave sites to die all the time – having someone on your side will make sure it won’t.

So, what is the solution? Building a website on WordPress is the classic CMS that has been the choice of businesses and builders for years.

Why WordPress is the best

You can read my article, but let me give you the jist. With WordPress you have access to thousands of free and paid plugins to easily improve the function of your site. It’s the best for growth, hands down.

WordPress is also known as the ‘developers playground’ because it has so much ability to be molded and changed to fit any website needs. If one day your site needs to grow with some custom development, your able to with WordPress. Also, if you want to sell your business and your site one day, it will be worth more if it’s built on WordPress.

Why is a SmartySite so Smart?

Built fast for $500

Might sound too good to be true, but it is! Like I mentioned, a site build should be fast and inexpensive so you can focus on other things like marketing and sales. 

A SmartyShop includes:

  • a home page with your products or services connected to a Stripe account so you can start selling ASAP
  • a second page of your choice, like an about page or a contact page
  • a branding doc (if you don’t already have one) to help us design your site exactly how you need it.

A SmartyShop does not include hosting or domain. If you already own hosting or a domain, we will help you with moving. If not we offer