Why Choose WordPress?

Angela S.

Owner &  Head Designer

Posted Feb.16 2021

We see a lot of blogs that ask, which is better?

A website builder (like Wix, Squarespace or GoDaddy) or WordPress (a CMS used by developers and professional website builders)

I’ve got 7 ways WordPress kicks butt over any other. 

There are a TON of opinions, so let’s clear some things up. 

1. DIY website builders are not considered a CMS (content management system)

DIY web builders like Wix and Squarespace have limitations to how you can edit and manage your content. Such as, the ability to edit your HTML/CSS, which is very useful for larger websites who need customized features and designs. That is why WordPress is so popular with developers who use code to design and develop websites. You may think you don’t need this capability now, but trust us, you don’t want to limit yourself when it comes to an investment like a website. 

2. Web builders own your website, so moving your website is nearly impossible (or the very least, not easy)

You might one day feel trapped!

3. WordPress is better for functionality and has access to thousands of plugins (both free and paid)

That means your site can grow and scale as big as you need it to. It also is free to use, you just have to pay for hosting. 

4. WordPress is often harder to use, because it has more capability

Yes, WordPress can be more complicated. That’s why website designers like me exist – to set up websites and show business owners how to make edits as they need. For the beginner user to jump on WordPress it can be super frustrating – that’s why it’s important to have guidance.

5. To a DIY website builder, you’re just a number on their bottom line.

For them, having mass amounts of people sign up is their goal, regardless of if they are building successful websites. They often leave people to figure it out themselves, and most business owners don’t have the time. WordPress has a whole community of people who provide fixes, tips and tools that can level up your website. Plus, with a website designer you have someone on your side to help your site become successful.

6. Ecommerce costs up to three times more with a DIY website builder

Even if you feel like you won’t be selling on your website right away, you don’t want to be locked in to expensive yearly fees. One day you’ll likely think to yourself, why not capitalize on my website? You could sell products, memberships, workshops, book appointments, or even sell advertising space. We add these features to our websites for no additional hosting cost, just the cost of installation and setup. We will even show you how to add more yourself so you can do it yourself (if you’re a DIY type of person!). 

6. WordPress is inherently valuable

Any website built with WordPress comes with a ton of value that is inherent with WordPress. That means if one day you want to sell your business and sell your website, the fact it is built with WordPress means it has more capability, scalability and potential to grow then any DIY website builder. It is a smarter investment, and makes it a clear choice for SmartyPants websites!

Some say DIY website builders and WordPress are comparable, we say NO WAY. There is a clear winner for your website, your wallet, your business and your customers. Getting a website that is build to be able to grow is so important, we have seen too many business owners get trapped to a DIY web builder and regret it. 

That’s why we build SmartyPants websites! It’s a smarter way to get a website, and we think every small business deserves to work smarter, not harder. 

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