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Current Calls:

Social Media Manager

We’re looking for someone to manage our client’s social media accounts (specifically, Instagram). The ideal candidate will have prior experience with managing 1 – 3 accounts and will be able to demonstrate their knowledge. 

Comepnsation rate : $18/hr up or $100/month for 5.5 hours of work. Average of 11 minutes a day or total of 330 minutes/month.

Weekly duties:

  • Checking unique hashtag and re-posting
  • Unfollowing 3-5 times/week
  • Posting when given content
  • Liking, commenting on feed
  • Liking, commenting on explore page
  • Following accounts that meet the criteria

Requires reporting:

  • Screenshot of weekly activity showing average activity time
  • Activity logged in a shared Google Spreadsheet (provided)

Pay is in CAD, made at the end of the month following screenshots. Will be made by e-transfer or PayPal.

Website Designer

We’re looking for a website designer that is very farmiliar with WordPress and Elegant Themes, Divi Builder. Must be able to manage projects, provide timely service and meet deadlines.

Compensation rate : $25/hr up to 6 hrs/project


  • Must understand brand identity and design 
  • Be able to write fluent english and spell-check/grammar-check
  • May be asked to create placeholder text as instructed
  • Understand footer design & optimization for mobile and multiple devices
  • Must be easy to contact by email with a max 24 hr reply time frame. Meeting briefs will take place on Zoom and must be made 2 days from initial email contact. Meetings will be scheduled online. 
  • Must have a max 3 weekday turnaround (excluding weekends) from time of project brief. 

Agreement will be defined in a Contractor Agreement. 

Pay structure is negotiable and will increase after 3 successful projects. If it is a good fit, you may be given more duties, such as client-forward communication and a further increase in pay.

Pay is in CAD, made at the end of the project completion. Made by e-transfer or PayPal. 

To apply: 

Email your resume or portfolio of work to

Please include:

    1. Examples of Social Media page(s) you’ve managed.
    2. Training/workshops you’ve attended.